Micam gathers main shoes brands in the world

Next edition of the international fair takes place from September 15th to 18th

Milan, Italy, breathes fashion. It is there that several brands launch their trends and that guide the fashion universe around the world. Also in the Italian city is the largest footwear fair on the planet, Micam, which reaches its 88th edition in the next two months. The shoe show takes place from September 15th to 18th.

Micam brings the trends of footwear manu- facturers for spring/summer 2020 in Europe. The sector turns its attention to the fair, which occurs twice a year. Its importance is revealed through the numbers that reflect its greatness before the market. In February, in the most recent edition, there were 1,400 exhibitors, with 800 Italian companies and others 600 ones coming from other countries. According to the National Association of Italian Manufacturers of Footwear (Assocalzaturifici), the event’s promoter, in the two annual events, 90 thousand people visit the corridors, of which 54 thousand are foreign.

The majority of the participating public co-mes from Europe, according to data from the Assocalzaturifici, being 85.2%. Of the rest of the world, 9.8% came from Asia, 1.9% from North America, 1.6% from Africa, 1% from South America and 0.5% from Oceania.

50 years old highlighted with a new identity

In 2019, Micam is turning 50 years old and, in celebration of this brand, is preparing to reveal a new image. Photographs taken by Javier Valhonrat contemplate a campaign carried out in the last three years, which involved the last six editions of the show, with images inspired by the work of the artist Dante Alighieri. The images portray the vices and virtues of the human soul, seeking the purest form of beauty, in portraits that represent the beauty of the shoes and an infinite creative impulse.

Trend inspirations

There are three different themes that guide the spring/summer 2020 trends launched at the next Micam. Among them, Designing Emotion, interpreting the interaction among technology, human and handicraft; Code Create, in a blend with the physical and digital world closer, through a futuristic look; and Empower Up, a young trend inspired by punk culture or modern African culture.

In the Design Emotion trend, pastel and earthy shades stand out with a contemporary feel, as well as bright colors that bring emotions to the retro style. In the Code Create trend, the natural materials are highlighted and combine with sustainable synthetics, as well as the classic and natural shades, contrasting with artificial colors. And about the Empower Up trend, the combination of fun and sustainability is evident with the presence of medium shades, bold and pre-faded colors, in addition to details in high quality and recalling vintage models.