50 years of commitment with the footwear industry

Jornal Exclusivo, biweekly publication and with national coverage published by Grupo Sinos (Novo Hamburgo/RS), has reached its 50 th anniversary in 2019. It is an important date, since the memory of the 50 th anniversary of the vehicle follows the industry trajectory, since the beginning of exports, in the 1960s, through the appearance of important fairs and accompanying the entire movement of the industry and leather-shoe retail. The publication, which has established itself as the spokesperson for one of the main sectors of the Brazilian economy, is also a source of research for designers and stylists who accompany in their pages the main trends of national and international fashion.

During this period, there were almost three thousand issues and 80 thousand pages of specialized content. Celebrating this date, Exclusivo projects the future to act, more and more, in the digital platforms. The conception is to keep the printed newspaper and invest more and more in the new ways of consuming content, accompanying the demands of technological evolution. An example of this is the Brazilian Code, an international publication of Sinos Group, which reaches more than twenty thousand readers worldwide and reaches thousands of readers abroad. The international magazine is responsible for showing the Made in Brazil potential to the world with focus on the dissemination of footwear, handbags and accessories manufactured in Brazil to international merchants, distributors and importers. Highlights of the contents of the current issue are available on www.braziliancode.com.

Jornal Exclusivo, along with the magazines Lançamentos and Lançamentos Trends, as well as their digital platforms, are leaders in Brazil when we talk about fashion, trends and industry news. Joining our publications, your brand will enjoy quality media, capturing great business opportunities. The main national and international fairs and congresses of the footwear market are also included in our news coverage.

Engaging in content production and full coverage of the major national and international events, Grupo Sinos was present at the 6 th World Footwear Congress Napoli. Directly from Castel dell’Ovo, Jornal Exclusivo were the only specialized channel of the Brazilian press invited by the congress. We followed all the debates, lectures and visits, informing the reader in the printed media and in all the digital platforms.