Exhibitors predict good business at Fimec 2020

The fair will gather approximately 500 exhibitors at the FENAC exhibition grounds in Novo Hamburgo, Brazil

Fimec (International Fair of Leather, Chemicals, Components, Machinery and Equipment for Footwear and Tanneries), which will take place on March 10, 11 and 12, at the Fenac exhibition grounds, in Novo Hamburgo/RS (Brazil), is known for being the “only one that has everything” in the leather-footwear sector. The fair is in its 44th edition bringing together over 500 optimistic exhibitors, precisely because it is the largest fair in the sector in Latin America. From production to logistics, the exhibitors will present the latest in leather and skins, chemical products, components, machinery, technology and innovation for the entire footwear industry.

According to Márcio Jung, CEO of Fenac, Fimec serves as an indicator for the scenario of the leather-footwear sector throughout the year. “A fair that has good sales or where many contacts are made is a sign that it will be a good year for the chain. For this year's edition, we have already seen an increase in the number of exhibiting companies. We will have around 10% more companies participating in the fair, which means more competitors and opportunities for the leather and footwear manufacturer to make their choices to improve their products and increase their business”, says Jung.

Among the exhibitors at the fair is the Freudenberg Group, which has been in the technology business for more than 165 years and it is optimistic about the 44th Fimec, an edition that will mark the company's return to the fair after a five-year absence. “The expectations are very good. The economy in Brazil is changing for the better and some economic indexes have shown this. Therefore, we believe in increasing our clients' production, especially after the ICMS (State Tax on the Circulation of Goods and on Services) reduction project in the state of Rio Grande do Sul. We have products that have been developed over the past few months which we want to display and create awareness of at the fair. We are very optimistic”, says Danilo da Costa Paula, Head of Shoes South America.

The company Master, another Fimec exhibitor, is also enthusiastic and highlights the importance of participating in the fair, where it will present nine new products for the leather-footwear sector. “Fimec is a milestone in the development and exchange of information with a high level of national and international professionals. For Master, participating in this important fair is to ensure the continuity of the research processes, improvements and new perspectives for the continuous growth of the company and, consequently, of the sector. Fimec is the great stage for exchanging information and for the real development of the entire cluster involved in the production of leather and footwear”, affirms the administrative director, André da Rocha, and the commercial director, Neori Paim.

Debuting at the fair is the company Bettech, the new company of the InBetta group, it is betting on Fimec as being a showcase, to introduce the company to industry professionals. “Bettech and its entire portfolio are new to the segment. For potential customers, we will present a company that is prepared to deliver differentiated products, which have specialized technical support, after-sales and logistics services”, highlights Sergio Marques Dias, vice president of operations at InBetta.