Fenac creates an action plan for the event

A contingency plan is built in conjunction with the Novo Hamburgo Health Department, the Health Surveillance Office and an infectious disease physician

The 44th edition of Fimec will take place from March 10-12, at the Fenac Pavilions in Novo Hamburgo/RS (Brazil). Given the global situation of coronavirus, Fenac, has created an plan for the trade show in conjunction with the Novo Hamburgo Health Department, the Health Surveillance Office and the Infectious Disease Physician Renato Cassol - with experience in infection control from the Conceição and Santa casa Hospitals, acting as an event consultant - aiming at the health of all collaborators, visitors and exhibitors, as well as at the wellbeing of the city’s population.

The plan was defined in a meeting last Friday, February 28th, between Fenac, the Health Department, and the Health Surveillance Office. It will be implemented in three stages: training of all teams that will be working at the event; investments in adapting outpatient care facilities and equipment with special products; raising awareness among exhibitors and visitors, with the distribution of prevention information and hand sanitizer gel for the whole public.

The Health Surveillance Office will start the trainings this week. Janitorial teams, outpatient care professionals (nursing technicians, nurses and physicians), and hosting teams will be trained pursuant to measures recommended to this occasion. “Fimec has 21 hours. These will be 21 hours of cleaning. We have increased the number of people working in this area and we will invest in equipment and products for the safety of the public”, reinforces the Executive Director of Fenac, Marcio Jung. He also talks about the public of the event. “The European exhibitor normally has a representative in Brazil, and his absence does not mean less quality at the booths, because the teams of representatives and staff of those companies in Brazil will be able to serve their clients. The goal of Fenac is to have a Trade Show that is safe and exemplary, adds Jung.

The Health Secretary, Naasom Luciano, says that, besides acting inside the trade show, the Health Department will write and instrument with specific measures for the hotel, retail and restaurant areas. “We are creating reference locations in the city for possible services, in addition to having a space inside Fimec to raise awareness among exhibitors and visitors. The goal is the prevention and the immediate care if necessary, he says.

See what is included in the plan especially created for the event:

1 - Adaptations in the outpatient care clinics located at the event’s grounds.

2 - A Health Department booth in the trade show for information and awareness raising.

3 - Distribution of gel hand sanitizer for the public, in addition to installing product dispensers within the event’s pavilions.

4 - Investment in N95/PFF2 masks if needed.

5 - Increasing the cleaning team and training of this team by the Health Surveillance Office.

6 - Intense sanitizing of handrails, knobs, tables, and bathrooms.

7 - Making all measures taken and all prevention information available at the website fimec.com.br.

8 - Promoting, through audio resources, warning with prevention recommendation and information for the public in three languages (English, Portuguese and Spanish).

9 - Strongly reinforcing among exhibitors and visitors that personal objects should not be shared.

10 - Hiring a mobile ICU with a physician, nurses, and expert technicians.

11 - Strongly reinforcing among exhibitors that they must not have at their booths any mate (chimarrão) or food offered on trays (food items should be individually packed and sealed). Beverages should only be offered in disposable, individual use cups.