Technology against Covid-19

Antiviral fabric and sole are novelty in the market

In the face of the delicate moment faced by the new coronavirus pandemic, Brazilian companies are reinventing their business. Some companies even used the technology in solutions that prevent the contagion of Covid-19.

This is the case of the Grupo Cofrag (Sapiranga/RS), which recently presented an antiviral and antibacterial fabric. The product, called Tech Protect, was developed with Amni Virus-Bac OFF, a functional polyamide yarn, produced by Rhodia (São Paulo/SP), which helps to block cross contamination, preventing the textile article from being a vehicle of transmission of viruses and bacteria.

Developed and launched in Brazil by Rhodia, the Amni Virus-Bac OFF polyamide yarn offers extra protection including enveloped viruses - as viruses such as influenza, herpesvirus, new coronavirus, among others, are classified.

The yarn provides a permanent effect for the Tech Protect fabric, which means that its antiviral and antibacterial action will remain throughout the useful life of the textile article, in other words, a clothe will have the same effectiveness and uniformly even after countless washes.

Another company that bets on technology against Covid-19 is FCC (Campo Bom/RS). With the evolution of the contagion of the disease, Brazilians acquired a new habit: removing the shoes when entering the house. This is due to the fear that the sole may be contaminated. But, if the sole of your shoe could guarantee permanent antiviral action? This is what the new FCC technology proposes.

The product, called FCC AntiViral, consists of a solution for the production of footwear soles. "It permanently prevents, even after countless washes, the cross contamination between the thermoplastic and the user, thus avoiding that the sole is a vehicle for transmitting the virus", explains Júlio Schmitt, FCC's director of innovation.

The idea arose from the observation of new habits related to hygiene, resulting from the pandemic. “We saw that new needs arose and in the footwear market would be no different. That is why we have developed a new technology that is fully connected to these needs.”