Fashion E-commerce is on the rise

Electronic commerce in the segment grew 95.27% with the pandemic

Throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, the audience for fashion e-commerce sites grew 95.27% in Brazil. The information is from Conversion (São Paulo/SP), a performance & SEO consultancy, which analyzed the audience of 50 Brazilian e-commerce and found that, in May, the main websites recorded an average growth of 51% in accesses in relation to February, the period before social isolation. "The pandemic has strongly accelerated the e-commerce and will create a new rush for online sales between companies," says Diego Ivo, CEO of Conversion.

In the analyzed scenario, the following sectors stood out with their respective increases, in comparison to the beginning of the pandemic: Electronics (136.72%), Fashion (95.27%), Home & Furniture (85.39%), Pet ( 65.56%) and Food (61.40%).

In the ranking of the most accessed websites in Brazil in May, the highlights are in the Fashion and Beauty sectors: Dafiti, which appears in 11th place (with 17.760 million accesses), Riachuelo in 16th place (with 12.110 million) and Natura in 18th (with 11.580 million).

With the pandemic caused by Covid-19, the digital transformation was accelerated in the most diverse sectors, including retail. With this change in the consumer profile, companies had to adapt their processes to meet a new demand. Marcio Kumruian, founder and CEO of Netshoes (São Paulo/SP), follows the movement. “At this moment, survival is nothing more than adapting to this environment”, highlighted the entrepreneur in a live at the StartSe business school (São Paulo/SP). The executive believes that several professions will be expanded or even created during this period, with a strong focus on digital.

Sales soared
In recent weeks, e-commerce sales have soared. According to a survey carried out by Brazilian Electronic Commerce Association (ABComm) and Compre&Confie Movement, the internet sales in some categories more than doubled their growth in Brazil. Kumruian noticed a similar movement at Netshoes. “Since 2000, we have been ‘evangelizing ’people to buy online. For the first time in five years, our number of new customers has exceeded the number of old customers of the platform,” he said.