Calšados Beira Rio will invest R$ 30 million in expansion

The amount will be used in civil works for the expansion of branch 23, located in Sapiranga/RS

Calçados Beira Rio S/A (Novo Hamburgo/RS) announced this Monday, 6th, that it will invest R$ 30 million in industrial expansion in Rio Grande do Sul (Brazil). The amount will be used in civil works for the expansion of branch 23, located in Sapiranga/RS, as well as in the acquisition of equipment for the unit. The information was confirmed by the company's president, Roberto Argenta.

Branch 23, inaugurated in 2010 and with 10,500 square meters, will have its structure expanded by around 600 square meters for the implementation of the raw material cutting area - material that is later sent to outsourced companies to sew and assemble footwear, who send the final product to branch 23 for retail shipment. The works should start in the coming months and the deadline for completion is scheduled for the beginning of the second half of 2024.

"Improving the quality of our products depends on these investments, whether in infrastructure, acquisition of equipment and qualification of employees and outsourced workers", he says.

With the expansion of the unit, Calçados Beira Rio will open 150 jobs, in addition to the 300 employees already employed directly at the branch. The company has two other units located in Sapiranga. In all, the company generates around 1,300 direct jobs in the city of Rio Grande do Sul, being the main employer in the municipality and responsible for almost 20% of the added value - the main component for the formation of the return index of the Tax on Circulation of Goods and Services (ICMS) to the municipality.